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 Welcome to the Jamie Jackson School of Golf

Jamie Jackson was featured in a recent article.

Tuesdays with Jamie goes beyond golf tips

Online Lessons Introductory offer $45

Congratulations to Anthony Maccaglia , Jamie’s 30th student to receive a college golf scholarship.
Palmer Cup member and leading money winner in his first year as a professional,  Anthony has advanced to the second stage of the PGA Tour qualifying . He just turned 23.

Over 50 Years of teaching better golf through efficiency.
Endorsed by national teacher of the year Mike Bender and top 100 teacher Charlie King.

Whatever your goals are, my goal is to help you exceed them.

See what top 100 and top 50 golf professionals have to say about Jamie Jackson.
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Split screen video analysis

-See progress right away!
-Audio and Video Analysis Uploaded to your Email Address
-Compare yourself to a favorite Tour Player
-Better golf through efficiency
-No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care

The Magic is that you can transform your golf game.
The Mystery is that so few are willing to do what it takes.
The Reality is that real improvement takes commitment, persistence, and proper feedback.

You always have a choice when you practice. You can either work on your compensations or work on a simpler, more efficient swing. Learn to repeat the three common denominators present in all good ball strikers. Real change almost certainly requires video, exaggeration or slow motion drills, because its not what you know that counts, its what you do.

You hit the ball well when the parts of your swing match up at impact. you hit the ball consistently well when the parts of your swing are simple enough to repeat. The key is to find out what you need to feel in order to do what you need to do. There are two primary moving parts. The arm triangle swings, the body turns.

The way our minds work during a motor function, we can have multiple feelings but only one thought.

Good psychology alone won't overcome bad physics

Four step process to guarantee results with your swing.

1) Understand how your swing works
2) Identify your model
3) Training - drills and repetition lead to feel and positive habits
4) Trust what you've trained and play


1) Mind
Attitude, visualization, course management, focus

3) Equipment
How your equipment looks, feels, fits and performs

2) Body
Natural talent, flexibility, strength, endurance, diet

4) Swing Technique
Pivot, positioning of arms and hands, timing


1) Path of the club 4) Centerface contact
2) Direction club faces through impact 5) Clubhead speed
3) Angle of attack or shaft lean



1) Grip
2) Stance
3) Posture
4) Balance
5) Alignment
6) Ball Position

In-swing enablers

1) Attitude
2) Visualization
3) Commitment
4) Focus
5) Pivot
6) Positioning of arms and hands
7) Rhythm
8) Tempo
9) Balance
10) Timing


1) Shallow inside path to ball
2) Forward leaning shaft through ball
3) Club face control through the ball

Practice doesn't make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect

TALENT (genetic or developed) - INTERFERENCE (mental or mechanical) +/- LUCK = RESULTS

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