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August 1, 2018

I loved working with Jamie. He helped me learn a lot about my swing that I hadn’t known before. He’s helped me understand what I am doing and how to fix it. I’ve had many coaches in the past and Jamie makes learning the swing easy. I especially love his ability to summarize and prioritize what to work on.

Sophie Liu (Scholarship player for University of Iowa Women’s Golf Team)



September 9, 2005

I have known Jamie Jackson for years and want to take this opportunity to tell you a little about him.

My goal as a teacher is to get rid of misconceptions and help golfers find a teacher/coach in their area who can help them reach their potential as a golfer. My goal is to promote the best teachers and promote golf instruction in general.

Jamie Jackson is one of the top quality teachers that I have so much respect for. He is innovative and creative. He cares about his students and gives the personal touch that leads to improvement. Of course I think he is supremely knowledgeable about the golf swing and the individual aspects of the game of golf.

The highest praise I can give a fellow instructor is that I am confident enough in his approach that I would take a lesson from him. I would take a lesson from Jamie Jackson any time. He is fantastic

Charlie King, PGA
Teaching Professional, Nantucket Golf Club
Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers

I first met Jamie Jackson several years ago when he came to me for a golf lesson. As we got to know each other, I learned that he was also a golf instructor, and that he had been taught by his father who was a well respected teacher himself. As we talked more about our teaching philosophy, it became evident that we shared much of the same beliefs.

From that time, Jamie has come to Timacuan once a month for the day to take a lesson, and observe while I am teaching my other students. I personally respected him for his continued quest for knowledge and how to practice his profession better.

Through the years I have learned several things from him as Jamie is a very creative teacher; he has invented several training aids to help his students to improve. Many of my own students are on a first name basis with him, as he has a very personable and conscientious demeanor.

When I am asked if iI know any good teachers in the Tampa area, I always without hesitation recommend Jamie. I give him my highest regard as a person and a teacher.

Michael E. Bender
Director of Instruction
Mike Bender Golf Academy.
Golf Digest Top 50 Teachers
Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers

I had a outstanding Freshman golf season at Wesley Chapel High, and proved to be one of the best players in Pasco county. After that I started working with Jamie. My game has shown steady improvement over the last two years as Jamie has helped me understand my swing and take my game to a new level. He is great at spotting simple flaws in my swing and never floods my mind with too many mechanical swing thoughts. The drills and practice methods he gives are awesome ways to help groove the right swing.

I have just completed my Junior season at Wesley Chapel High. I finished with a 9 hole avg. of 35.1, and won the 2A State Championship individual title with rounds of 71, 65.

Jamie has helped me become a more consistent golfer.

Cameron Knight
Wesley Chapel, Fl.

Jamie has an outstanding instructional approach and has the personal expertise and technical equipment to take players to the "next level". This is truly a unique package for those interested in learning how to improve their golf games.

The videotaped format provides an opportunity to review the golf lesson as many times as needed, and is particularly useful to help understand the arc and physical movements of the golf swing.

You can trust Jamie to help make changes to your golf swing at a pace that is comfortable for you.

His patience, sense of humor, and knowledge of the game make the lessons enjoyable, and allow students at all levels of expertise to stay engaged in the learning process.

Jamie is able to adapt his instruction for many different learning styles. This flexible approach is of vital importance, given the tremendous variance in how golfers assimilate information about the mental and physical aspects of the game.

Lessons are designed to target areas that are of most critical importance to your golf game. Jamie is always willing to help improve any area of your game that you'd like to work on.

Jamie has a unique ability to clearly communicate ideas about the golf game and to  provide practical exercises to address areas that need improvement.

For every "problem area" in your golf game, Jamie has several strategies that can be used to help improve your skills.

After taking lessons with Jamie, I've had more fun playing golf and don't have to think as much about swing mechanics while I'm out on the course.

Roger Peters, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

My wife and I took up the game of golf in 1993, we wanted a sport that we could play together after we retired. The first step was to take lessons from the local Club Pro. After a year of lessons and dedicated practice, we ventured onto the golf course. This began a love of the game. As we increased our skill level we reached out to Professional Instructors. It seemed fairly easy to go from a mid-level handicap to lower teens; but, to make that last step to a single digit took more than equipment and practice. It required a golf instructor who could analyze your swing and "communicate" with you. Through inquires of good golfers and how they learned to improve their swing, we found Jamie Jackson School of Golf. His teaching guides are amazing, some he invented himself. Through Jamie's expert instruction with various aides and video, it becomes clear how to improve your swing. Our games have become more consistent, accurate, and with more distance from our clubs. Hopefully with Jamie's continued help, we can continue to play the game of golf for life. Sincerely,

Don and Mary Richie
Dade City, Florida

Thanks to Jamie, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He has given me a simple understanding of my fundamentals.

Al Lopez III

As someone who works in the golf industry I have the luxury of having access to many talented golf instructors. I have seen many different techniques and approaches to this game but only Jamie can articulate his immerse knowledge so it can be understood and retained by the average golfer. His video analysis is a priceless tool that I have personally benefited from the most. With the videos you can see your swing progress right in front of your eyes. Regardless of playing ability, Jamie Jackson can without a doubt take your game to the next level. Jamie is the only instructor whom I will go to or send my friends.

Bryan Gattasso
Tampa, Fl.

I came to Jamie with my own mental puzzle -- I am a good athlete, but I had not significantly improved my golf game even after playing for several years. Jamies's system has been a big positive for me. I am a very visual learner and it has been a great help to be able to "see" what I have been doing during my swing sequence rather than just being "told" what I'm doing. As Jamie's website says: "Feel is not real!". Many thanks!

Tom Sash
Tampa, Fl.

October 21, 2004

Playing golf brings us into contact with many people. I have been playing golf for over 25 years both as an amateur and as a professional as well as been a teacher of the game for over 10 years. It has been my Pleasure to know Jamie Jackson for over four years now. During this time he has been my teacher, mentor, and friend.

As a teacher his principles are far and above the average pro or teacher. His knowledge of the game rivals the likes of Jim Flick, Peter Kostis , and others. I seek Jamie's help with challenges in my game and that of my students. I have worked with others such as Mike Adams, Jackson Bradley, and Buck Mayers, all are considered by their peers as some of the best in the industry. Jamie's knowledge, approach, and methods are among the best I have encountered.

The fundamentals of the golf swing do no change; it is how a teacher relays that information to his students that makes them great. Jamie Jackson is able to educate his students on the principles of the golf swing and course management to all levels of students from all walks of life. This talent is what makes Jamie on of the best teachers I have had the privilege to work with in my career.


John Roseberry
Austin, Tx.

I was shooting in the 90's when Jamie began giving me lessons. 2 years later I passed my playing ability test for the PGA and became a golf professional. I definitely owe my vast improvement to him. I feel Jamie is the most knowledgeable teacher in the Tampa Bay area.

Chris Cherok
Tampa, Fl.

As a tennis teaching professional, I have become a student of sports coaching styles. Jamie Jackson is among the best in any sport! He has a thorough knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing and the ability to communicate that knowledge in a simple and effective manner.

The state-of-the-art video that Jamie uses complements the lesson. It is great to be able to take the tape home and review the key points of the lessons before going out to the driving range. Because Jamie is a great teacher, I recommend him to all my friends that play, or want to learn to play golf.

Earl Olson
Tampa, Fl.

I have been playing golf for about 43 years and have had several different instructors during that time.  I took my first lesson with Jamie after having a need to correct my inconsistent swing path.  Jamie worked with me showing me what was correct with my swing as well as what was causing my swing path to be inconsistent.  Until that time I had never known specifically what I needed to work on nor how to go about it.

However, the attribute that I remember most about that lesson was the fact that Jamie gave me his complete attention.  We were not interrupted and he was not distracted during the entire lesson.  Jamie was focused on me, my swing, my needs, and my philosophy.  He listened carefully and discussed with me what I needed to do to improve my golf game.

To that end I have been very grateful.  Since then, Jamie's lesson resounds with every swing I have taken. 

Ron Carrell

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