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The Jamie Jackson School of Golf is based on an understanding that confidence and rhythm are the true secrets to golf, and that there are no shortcuts for success. A tip or a bandaid lesson may work for a while, but in the long run the only real answer is to develop solid fundamentals, and thus gain control of your game.

Confidence comes from control, and control comes from having a swing that is simple enough to repeat.
Our goal is for you to develop the most efficient swing possible, a swing that will hold up over a lifetime. To this end, we teach individuals rather than methods. We recognize that there are a lot of golfers in the Hall of Fame, and while all of them employ solid fundamentals, they all have distinctly different swings.


Feel is not real. Each lesson begins with understanding the students goals and desires and will always involve 4 steps.

  1. We will show you exactly why your swing does what it does.
  2. We will show you exactly what you need to do by placing your swing next to a favorite professional.
  3. We will show you the appropriate drills and utilize training aids to help you feel the proper swing.
  4. We will compare before and after images and your uploaded lesson will provide tangible evidence that with repetition your swing can be simpler and more effective.
  5. All lessons in-depth audio and video analysis using the latest in golf related digital technology. These lessons are uploaded to your email address so you may review and study them on whatever device you prefer.

The most important part of the lesson happens after the lesson. Drills and repetition will lead to feel and positive habits. At whatever stage you are, you must trust what you've trained and PLAY. If you're tired of band aids and serious about improving your game, this approach will guarantee your success.

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