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Jamie has always invested in the latest video technology. Tests have shown as much as a 70% improvement in learning when video is added to the kinesthetic and auditory approach. Interactive Frontiers V1 system is used, which is the same system used by Butch Harmon and most of the large schools. The system enables split screen comparison with a favorite pro, and complete graphics control for understanding and emphasis. All lessons are uploaded to your email which allows you to review your lesson again and again at your liesure.

Since feel is not real, numerous training aids are used so you can feel the correct moves in your swing. Jamie has been called "McGyver" by some of his students as he is continually inventing training aids to solve common problems in the swing. It is well documented that passive training aids will speed up your learning process. As Leadbetter says "You can improve without training aids but you are in for a much longer struggle".


Technique Efficiency Test: This test was designed and developed by Jamie Jackson Jr. and based on the fact that the quality of your golf game is determined by three main ingredients talent, time and technique.

Two of these we can influence. You hit the ball well when the parts of your swing match up at impact. You hit the ball consistently well when the parts of your swing are simple enough for you to repeat. Complicated looking swings can be very efficient providing you have enough talent or put in enough time to make them work for you. As my dad used to say, "if you're going to practice that much, wouldn't it make more sense to develop a good swing?".

You always have a choice when you practice. You can either work on bandaids or compensations, or you can work on a simpler more efficient swing. The efficiency test is not based on theory but on physics and physiology. While it is decidedly a subjective test, it is consistently so, and offers another tool to quantify your progress as your lessons continue. This 100 pt. test is broken down into eight swing components and thirteen checkpoints.

A playing lesson evaluation sheet can be found here.

Jerry Tucker Short Game Test: 100 point test that gives you a corresponding handicap for each area of your short game.

The Red Zone Challenge: Put simply, it's a proven system to dramatically improve your short game skills in 12 weeks. Developed by Charlie King and Rob Akins, two accomplished golf instructors and both members of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers, the Red Zone system provides proven training drills to improve your short game and lower your scores.

Ready to rate your skills? Download the scoring worksheet here and the scoring chart here.

Dave Pelz Short Game Test: a test offered by short game guru Dave Pelz.

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